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Salt therapy is a drug-free and completely natural

therapy for treating respiratory and skin conditions.

Salt therapy has no side effects and is suitable for all

ages. The Glow Spot now uses the HaloOne Salt Therapy

system designed and manufactured by Clearlight Jacuzzi

- the same brand as our beautiful sauna cabin.

The HALOONE® is a holistic way to heal your respiratory system. Halotherapy replicates the natural climate of salt caves by dispersing high concentration particles into the air, providing an immersive treatment of all types.


Wellness Benefits






The HALOONE® provides a safe and natural way to improve your quality of sleep, reduce inflammation and fight pathogens. The microsalt particles inhaled promote an overall healthy respiratory system that allows you more restful nights without interruption or discomfort due excessive mucus caused by allergens.


What is Salt Therapy?

Salt Therapy has been shown to eliminate inhaled airborne allergens from the airways with studies showing an estimated efficacy of between 75 – 98%. 

Based on clinical studies, inhaling dry salt aerosol reduces inflammation of the whole respiratory tract. 

When salt particles are inhaled and deposited in the bronchial tree system and on the mucus, the mucus starts to break down and becomes much easier to remove through coughing. This will improve your immune system and also provide a general sense of well being. 

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Salt has anti-bacterial properties and assists in cleansing the microbial flora of the respiratory tract, reducing inflammation of the airways and enabling the restoration of normal mucociliary clearance of the bronchi. 

This process increases the body’s natural resistance to respiratory tract infections. 

Salt therapy is also proven beneficial in the treatment of a number of skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. 

The salt reduces inflammation on the skin and improves circulation on the skin surface, promoting new collagen production and repair.

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Casual Salt Session

Our salt therapy room is designed for you to just sit, unwind and just be. After slipping off your shoes you can choose to relax in comfort on the chairs provided or directly on the salt floor, for soothing and grounding. This room allows for a little extra space to stretch around, yoga or a lie down during your session. You're welcome to bring in your ear pods, tablet, massage gun etc - anything that might help you to relax. Sessions are 25min

Casual Session $45

3 pack intro (first time) $99

3 pack $120

6 pack $240

12 pack $480

Sauna + Salt

Sauna + Salt

double up your detox

enhance your sauna sessions!

Simply bring in the HALOONE® into our Clearlight® Sauna and experience the additional benefits of halotherapy.

With its whisper-quiet operation, you can enjoy the benefits of salt therapy in total relaxation.


25min - $70

45min - $90

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