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the glow spot

infrared sauna + salt therapy studio


natural beauty - with its ancient landscapes and abundant natural resources, port hedland, located in the vast pilbara region of western australia, now boasts a premier calming sanctuary which uses the power of infrared sauna & salt.

We believe in the power of infrared heat and salt therapy and that it can lead to an optimal path of wellness. Our aim is to provide a space where mind and body can be nurtured and healed using these two powerful therapies.

Welcome to The Glow Spot

All treatments are backed by science and promote recovery and rejuvenation. From sport recovery, reducing inflammation to improving sleep quality, improving cardiovascular health and more.

a calm escape


Our mantra is  relax - release - and restore. Our soothing saunas will entice you to sit still in calmness for the duration of your session. You will release all tension and negativity, and we encourage you to restore and replenish your body when you leave.

The Glow Pod


The Sauna Room


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