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What is the Glow Pod?

The Glow Pod is essentially an infrared sauna cocoon that you lie down in. It is full spectrum infrared - meaning it has far, mid and near infrared wavelengths penetrating into your cells. It also has a comforting vibration massage function, that runs through the ergonomic bed. Thanks to the hand ports located on the pods lid, you can access the touch screen display to control all aspects of your session. This includes temperature, massage intensity and time of your session.

you can choose to add on a sauna suit to promote more sweat.

Please arrive well hydrated and already

showered for your Pod session.

client glow pod.jpg

Casual Glow Pod

Experience 45 minutes inside our very own hypothermic fitness pod. This amazing cocoon was created for full bodied healing, hypothermic conditioning, and relaxation combined. Complimentary filtered water, towel use and access to shower is provided. 

Single 45min session $60

single 25min session $35

sauna suit $15


Packages and Memberships

Introductory offer

3 x 45min sessions $120(once used pricing reverts back to normal) expires in 30 days

3 x glow pod $155

6 x glow pod $310

12 x glow pod $640

3 month membership

3 x 45min sessions $99 per week

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